Business field and trade promotion

When Vietnam is in the context of entering the world economic integration, Amoris will bring enterprises qualitative, effective, and multilateral trade promotion plans.

By creating widely trading network, Amoris can ensure business production and import, export process to run smoothly through: Leaders of Amoris Joint Stock Company keep promoting and seeking for opportunities to buy and sell goods and provide services between domestic and foreign manufacturing enterprises.

business and trade promotion

– Support business activities of domestic and foreign enterprises more effectively, contributing to promoting our country’s economy to develop and catch up with the world economy.

If your company is looking for a trade promotion agency, please do not ignore AMORIS, as we will help you search for and boost the goods trading and service exchange between Vietnamese and international businesses.

Besides the promotion field, AMORIS also targets the social values. AMORIS supports the business activities of domestic and foreign companies, thus boosting Vietnam’s economy to the international pace.